AMG brake caliper



This is another special offer from us. A truly masterpiece of an art. Required a lot of times and master skill artisan to achieve this stunning result.

Perfect in any curve, the sharpest in every corner.

As you know, we use only Italy carbon fiber.

Every carbon fiber material you see in our website is made in Italy.

The material we use is the same as material used in supercar and hypercar company.

The AMG brake caliper with carbon fiber plated is available in only traditional carbon fiber weave.

This is a special order. This set will come with brand-new 4 AMG brakes caliper with our carbon fiber work built right-on (the brakes disc are not included) . You need to replace your original brakes caliper with our product.


It is very important that you need to notify your Mercedes model and your original brakes option before the order confirmation to match our brake caliper with your brakes disc. 

You can choose your colour of your brakes caliper as you want. Please tell us your colour of choice and send your reference colour. 

Available only in traditional carbon fiber weave.

Explore our craftmanship in every products we proudly present.

You do not have to worry about your carbon fiber plated on the caliper will be faded or decayed. Keep using your car as always because we ensure you with using it ourselves for straight 6 years and it still shine like a brand-new.

AMG brake caliper carbon fiber plated

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Please read every details carefully before submit the order confirmation.

The AMG brake caliper plated carbon fiber is available only in traditional carbon fibre weave.

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