carbon FIBER

instrument cluster cover

Change the way you have looked to your car forever with our carbon fiber instrument cluster cover.

Handmade Italy carbon fiber instrument cluster cover with our latest of technological advanced Pre-PreG and vacuum technology, that is why we treat every our products like a piece of an art.

As you know, we use only Italy carbon fiber.

Every carbon fiber material you see in our website is made in Italy.

The material we use is the same as material used in supercar and hypercar company.

The carbon fiber front grill is available in only traditional carbon fiber weave.

Now available in Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe'/ Cabriolet facelift models (C207, A207).

We treat every our products like a piece of an art. After picking the best carbon fiber weave, the best material to be processed, it will be nothing if a craftsmanship itself is not good enough. So we pay a lot of attention to every single little details to make our products reach it's possible limit in both functionality and beauty.

Since the beginning of our product until the end of final inspection, we have strictly controlled quality standard by the most skilful artisan. Through each processes, hand polished, hand overlaid, we try to use the machinery involved as low as possible.



Carbon Fiber Instrument Cluster Cover

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Available in both traditional weave and hypercar weave carbon fiber

Now available in Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe'/ Cabriolet facelift models (C207, A207).

We always emphasise how we make the product and how good our material is because we truly put every effort on every piece of carbon fiber and we are very proud of it. We want you to feel the same way with us too !

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