Here is the explanation of the difference among the variety of our Italy carbon fiber choices and our processing technique. You will gain more knowledge about the world of carbon fiber.


As you may know that we only use Italy carbon fiber for the application of all of genuine parts.

But there is some different between character of the weave that give final product a different looks, which you can choose the one that match to your taste.

We have two processes technique. Vacuum and Pre-impregnation, which are applied differently up to what part of the car is. 

Here is the example among the type of weave.

This is the most familiar type of weave you can see. But let's take a closer look in the details of our product. You can see how the edge to edge sharpness is, perfectly fit in every curve, the highly condensed in every square of weave fiber, no crumple weave, no irregular and contorted weave.

This type of weave is called "Traditional weave". In general, it is called 2x2 carbon weave. You can find this type of weave in most of the supercar range such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc.

You can find this type of weave in the diffuser of Ferrari, rear wing of Lamborghini, also in the interior of these supercars. This weave give you a symmetrical format pattern. Just look at it as a pattern goes over two intersecting warps and under two (hence why it is called 2×2). Each square of weave when passed through vacuum process, it will give a stunning result as you can see that it looks like rice grains.


Vacuum processing has been applied on this part so each square becomes so much more intense and give you a feeling of 3D looks. These results only come from the right way of choosing type of carbon fiber, our process technique, material choice go through until the end of process.

As the name referred, hypercar 

weave can be only found in hypercar tier because of the harder of processes and more expensive of there material requirement. But now we can bring it to your own Mercedes !!!

This type of weave we called "Hypercar weave" because this type of weave you can find only in the automotive hypercar company, "Koenigsegg" and "Pagani".

It give you a bigger format of the weave so when you look away at the distance to this weave, your still can notice a beautiful layout from the light reflection obviously.


It also give you a much more intense look than the traditional weave from our Vacuum and Pre-PreG process.


The result is that you can have the type of carbon fiber that appear only in hypercar and exotic car. But now on YOUR OWN car.

traditional or

hypercar weave

We would say, it's all up to your taste. Each type of weave has it's own beauty. The beauty of something has variation up to each individual person. So it is only you and your taste that can be justified.


Our prodcuts have no laminated work (which is using beneath part as a primer and overlaid by a carbon fiber).

Our carbon fiber is made through a processing called Pre-PreG and vacuum technology which will result in very light but super strong parts and more attractive look, of course.


In some parts (only if necessary), we use the genuine Mercedes-Benz and AMG parts as a base to install our pure carbon fiber work. This is still a pure carbon fiber work unlike a laminated one. 

There are mainly three processes to make carbon fiber products. Or make it "look like" a carbon fiber piece. 

The first one is laminated work. This means that a primer are needed to be used as a base to be overlaid by the carbon fiber weave. And then add some ingredient to make a final product. 

The second process is vacuum carbon fiber technology. It's a whole different world from a laminated work. It's required more technology to be involved such as autoclave cabinet, moulding process, more ingredient to be used, vacuum chamber, etc. All of the ingredient must be strictly controlled to produce a final product. More time consuming, more expertise required on the project and a lot more expensive to be produced. But the result is stunning and worthwhile. You will get what is called "real carbon fiber" because it is a "pure" carbon fiber piece. It's very light but also very strong. The aesthetic look is also the best in both world.


The third process is called "Pre-impregnation" carbon fiber technology. It is similar to the second one but only the carbon fiber is already "impregnated" by some of the ingredient. So it is called "Pre-impregnated" or "Pre-preg". The process is similar to the vacuum process but it will cost more because the carbon fiber has been already pre-impregnated. More expertise is required to handle this type. of carbon fiber and it is also cost a lot more. But the result is unbelievable. Super light but super strong.

The vacuum and pre-preg technology are used widely in formula 1 technology and aerospace industry.

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