At first, let us tell you something.

We are car guys like you !!!

We all were customers with a car part shop at the beginning. We love to visit a shop and hang around to find a part that perfectly match our taste and our cars. 


But we met a lot of problems with these shops such as a replica car part (which he did not told us), low quality service, low quality part such as Chinese carbon fiber which make a car look worse than ever.


We understand that when you search for a part that you want and you have found it. You want it so badly and want it to delivery to you now. But it's not available to you and you have to wait. How long?


When it's come to your que after you ordered to pick up the parts. Shop owner called you and told you an apologize for you have to wait a little bit more for delayed. What !?!

We would like to tell you that we understand how's that feel because we had the same feeling as you before, too !!!

So we step back and think.

Why there is no shop that has stocked car parts.

Why have to wait for a month for a part.

Why there is no shop that has high and professional quality service.

Why there is no high quality carbon fiber part as a car like supercar that can apply on our car.

So here we are.

We decide to open our shop, Kamikaze, with our passion to serve car guys like you with everything beyond standard.


Everything we have are only genuine and top grade parts.

Everything you see in our website is READY TO SHIP.

In case of carbon fiber, we use Italy carbon fiber which is used in only supercar and hypercar to delivery you the best product result.


Our philosophy is every parts that left our shop must be the best and satisfied is guaranteed.


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