hypercar carbon fiber

side mirror housing

Now available on your Mercedes-Benz

Carbon Fiber Custom Design Bonnet
  • Carbon Fiber Custom Design Bonnet

    Handmade Italy carbon fiber custom design bonnet with our latest of technological advanced Pre-PreG and vacuum technology, that is why we treat every our products like a piece of an art.


    After picking the best carbon fiber weave, the best material to be processed, it will be nothing if a craftsmanship itself is not good enough. So we pay a lot of attention to every single little details to make our products reach it's possible limit in both functionality and beauty.

    • We have 4 existing options for the custom design bonnet. You can choose from the one of these 4 options we offer or you can deisgn all new bonnet from the ground up. If you want to design your own design, please contact us directly via email or your desired communication channel. 


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