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Full System Pre-PreG Pure Carbon Fiber
  • Full System Pre-PreG Pure Carbon Fiber

    "Mercedes Airbag is not included"


    This package is made from Pre-PreG/ Vacuum Italy carbon fiber system in both "Steering Wheel" and "Steering Wheel Trim". Means that it is made from pure carbon fiber piece, not a laminated or wrap-around carbon fiber work. 


    As you know, we use only Italy carbon fiber. Every carbon fiber material you see in our website is made in Italy. The material we use is the same as material used in supercar and hypercar company. Also, every our products are handmade.


    • "Mercedes airbag is not included"


      We have two types of carbon fiber weave, which are traditional weave and hypercar weave. Each type of weave represent different results but still stunning, which is up to your taste.


      Our steering wheel set comes with a brand new steering wheel and steering wheel trim with our carbon fiber work built-on. No need for core exchange.


      The steering wheel is available in both traditional weave and hypercar weave. Please choose your type of carbon fiber weave at the check box list. The steering wheel trim is available only in traditional carbon fiber.


      Please notify your Mercedes model before checking out. This is very important because the version of steering wheel is needed to match to your car.

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